Our solid steel blocks are so dense that its possible to save huge amounts of valuable on board space when compared to bricks or concrete, in fact they are over 300% heavier by size.They’re clean, compact and can be cut to any required size.



Maybe you only need a 100 kilos to adjust the trim on your narrow boat, or perhaps 20 tonnes to ballast a a sailing barge, can help. Our fast friendly service can have your vessel looking shipshape in no time!


It’s time to make space!

Mannbuck Steel Ltd have been providing new, used and recycled steel to to all manner of customers, from sole owners of the smallest business to multinational corporations for over 40 years. In recent years with the increasing use of inland waterways for both leisure and residential use, supplying ballast to boat owners has become a larger part of our or business. We’ve set up in order for new clients and returning customers to be able to utilize an online hub of information for all their trimming and ballasting needs.

Whether you’re a boat owner who chugs down the cut a couple of times a year for a relaxing break, a residential owner enjoying the exciting life living on the canal or a narrow boat enthusiast living the dream, you’ll know how vital space is aboard your vessel. Whilst brick and concrete blocks can provide ballast, our steel blocks are a whopping 331% heavier than their brick equivalent! And that saves alot of space.

Our friendly, helpful service will ensure that you can get your vessel sitting pretty again in a matter of days. We can cut blocks to any size required and coated with protective paint should you desire. We collection from 2 convenient locations in the West Midlands or offer a nation wide delivery to a tow path near you at very reasonable rates.